Here are the interviews given by our team to different media


21 october 2014
François Potus is interviewed by Serge Bonin, host of the monthly radio program "Pensée courante" produced by ÆLIÉS (Association des étudiantes et des étudiants de l'Université Laval inscrits aux études supérieures) on his scientific career as a young award-winning researcher. (interview in french)

9 mai 2014
Pulmonary hypertension - time diagnostics are long (in french)
Courtesy of ICI Radio-Canada Télé.
A patient talks about her diagnosis and Dr Steeve Provencher explains.

5 mai 2014
Pulmonary hypertension (in french)
Courtesy of the Association of hypertension
Dr. Steeve Provencher, pulmonologist at IUCPQ and eminent specialist in pulmonary hypertension, answers to various questions, including: What is pulmonary hypertension? What are the symptoms? Who is at risk? What are the treatments?  ...


Video on pulmonary arterial hypertension by Dr Pierre Bonnet


Interview given by Dr Steeve Provencher to Le Soleil

Dr Bonnet's Webinar in PHA classroom

  • PIM-1: A New Hope for the Diagnosis and Treatment of PH
    As research in pulmonary hypertension grows, we may find more ways to diagnosis, treat and ultimately cure the disease. Recently, Dr. Sebastien Bonnet of Laval University in Quebec, Canada, made the exciting discovery of the PIM-1 protein; a protein virtually unseen in normal patients, but seen in patients with pulmonary hypertension in amounts relative to the severity of the disease. With positive implications both for early diagnosis and treatment, the discovery of PIM-1 provides more insight into the disease. In this webinar, Dr. Sebastien Bonnet discusses his research and the relationship between PIM-1 and pulmonary hypertension.


A patent application for Dr SĂ©bastien Bonnet's discovery


Quebec City researchers pave the way for novel treatment of pulmonary hypertension

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